I’ve been thinking about the idea of “uncomfortable” the past few weeks and admittedly been having trouble articulating what exactly the is I’ve been thinking. I think there is this idea of mission work being something that requires a sort of physical uncomfortability: we live with poorer families, I now know how to hand-wash my …

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Speckles of Light

Last night was our first night in host homes in Catadupa, Jamaica. Just as me and my two other teammates were settling in, Mr. Henry, our host dad, used his arm to hold back the curtain door of his room and stood in the doorway. “My brother wife had died, and we go to a …

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Being in Rome is like being in another country surrounded by another language, but with one significant twist: In Rome, I was immersed in an entirely new world of Catholicism. It was like this in Costa Rica, too: At first the newness simply clings to the edges of your clothes, occasionally brushing up against your …

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